Incoming President's Address



It is with great pride I (Lysa Radvan) announce that I will be your next Battlecry: Age of Markoth President. I am super excited to be starting this new chapter of our journey together and hope over the next year or so we are able to bring forwards some fantastic changes that will greatly improve your experiences in game, and with each other.

I first want to thank our outgoing president, Tadd, for pouring in so much of his life to develop, grow, and solidify this community over the last several years, starting and running a LARP is no small feat. It is with great sincerity I can say you deserve this well earned change, I personally am super excited to see how the story will emerge as he takes over as Loremaster full-time.

To the new (and continuing) committee members, I am so, so proud and excited that so many enthusiastic people volunteered to offer their free time to help AoM improve and grow. It has been a hard few years, but I am confident that you all will bring the stability, enthusiasm, and skillset this team needs to help us succeed. I also want thank the previous committee members for stepping up at a time the club truly needed it, without your help the community would not be where it stands now, I am forever thankful.

To our amazing and oh so lovely community, thank you for sticking with us through thick and thin, there have been a lot of big changes over the years, and we continue to appreciate your support and patience, I hope you will continue to stand by us as we move on into the stage of our journey. Over the next year or so we hope to bring you all some truly amazing experiences and opportunities. There are a lot of things happening in the background that we plan to bring out in the next few years that you all will definitely enjoy, watch this space!

As always, please feel free to come talk to me about anything, and love you all greatly!