Battlecry Rules Review: 2021

It's been a while, but behind the curtains the Battlecry Rules Team have been working feverishly behind the scenes to continue to develop Battlecry's rules. 

We placed a survey up, which gathered feedback from our players, whilst also holding a Question and Answer session to grab opinions and more back and forth feedback. We also used the QandA session to educate those who attended on how rules are made, why wee make them, and what goes into designing a Battlegame.

We have some exciting changes for you, and would like to thank each and every person who attended our focus groups, our brainstorming sessions and who filled out the survey. This helped shape our game and was incredibly insightful.

We have a few documents for you to read over;
This document illustrates the major changes, and the additions to the game, this is used as a reference for people reading the Rulesguide.

This is the core of the rules, and the document you need in order to have a full understanding of the rules. Please take the time to read this document in it's entirety. It will help give you a better grasp of the game. 

This document is for all new players as a short read to teach them about etiquette and safety.

We took the time to lay out and respond to all the feedback sent in from the survey. You'll find your responses in this document.

Battlecry would like to thank our new rules team, and those who pitched in to this effort. Special mentions to Lillian for building the change log.
Please feel free to contact us for clarifications, changes, or question in the Facebook group.

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