Campaign Games for 2023

As the year winds to a close, the story team is hard at work, crafting the storylines for the next year of campaigns!

Below is the timeline of events and a list of campaign games as they are to be played on our field over the course of 2023.


#1 Harbridge Vs. Emeralton 1049AT - First Harvest (Completed)

Harbridge attacked Emeralton with the intention of gaining possession of as much land as possible. The attack was repelled, with a well-placed counter-attack. The Imperials managed to gain control of Southshore, but failed in their assault on Emeralton Itself.

#2 Hardem Plains Vs. Byzoria 1049AT - First Harvest

Hardem Plains seeks vengance for their fleets being destroyed in the blockage. They also want to strike at Byzoria whilst the nation is rebuilding it's fleet. This attack strategy incorporates a landing portion as well as water assault.

#3 Thistlebank Vs. Theron 1049AT - First Harvest

Thistlebank have been preparing for an attack for some time, they have selected Theron, due to their close proximity, but also to draw some attention toward the nation and soften the response up north.

#4 Fendor Vs. Haverly - 1049AT - Second Harvest

The SIlvelion Command lead a significant army on the march toward Haverly. The goal is to wipe Haverly off the map for their decimation of Fendor over the last 15 years.

#5 Vargas Plains Vs. Travesha - 1049AT - Second Harvest

The Vargas unleash the largest army Markoth has seen since the Dark Tide. in 1003AT. With this army, they seek to wash over Travesha and engulf it in the barbarian horde. This attack is the North Army, Led by Darkmoor, and Lord-Elect Mattias Umbrius himself. They seek to deliver punishment, and draw the forces north in an effort to open up the Imperial defences.

#6 Kirisaka Vs. Tingzun - 1049AT - Second Harvest

Kirisaka is fleet-less. So they turn their focus inward at Tingzun. This assault is an effort For Kirisaka to immediately and permanently move their borders forward, claiming the heart of the island (Previously agreed as neutral territory). 

#7 Camdoria Vs. The Hallow Wall - 1049AT - Final Harvest 

The Camdorian military suffered defeat at the hands of the Imperial joint forces last time they attacked the wall. This time, things are different. Lord-Commander Caldo of Drazin has drafted a battleplan which will hopefully see the Hallow Wall taken, and a Royalist Flag fly atop the gates. 

#8 Hellhammer Vs. Northwatch - 1049AT - The Fallow

Hellhammer is still in Imperial hands. The gate is currently undergoing some repairs in order to be more defensible. The Royalists don't want the Imperials to become comfortable, so they attempt to fight their way in, and regain control of the gate. 

#5 Vargas Plains Vs. Travesha - 1049AT - The Fallow

The southern army of the Vargas, led by the Ironclaw Clan. This attack is timed so that it can reach the heart of Travesha. If the first attack went well - the Imperials will have no hope of defending another of similar size. Will this be the end of Travesha?