How To Join

So you're keen to join Battlecry! Fantastic news, but what do you need to do? where do you go? What do you need to know? Below is a new participant's one stop shop on information for joining our amazing community!



STEP 1: Find a chapter near you!

Check out the Chapters Battlecry has to offer, and select the one near you. Then join their respective Facebook group, and check their page for upcoming events.


STEP 2: Check the Rules!

Understanding the Rules are key to having a good time at Battlecry, if you don't know the rules, you'll be a little lost. Don't stress about memorizing everything, we will have a new player training no matter which chapter you attend. However, having at least an idea of which abilities you are likely to encounter, which safety calls you need to make, and which side you'd like to fight for are great to have at your first game! 


STEP 3: Get yourself ready!

The first thing we recommend for new players is not to buy any weapons until you play your first few games. Buying weaponry is fraught with errors, as the weapons we use are specifically designed for our purpose. 

The second thing we recommend is to dress to the weather. Wear dark, neutral-coloured and comfortable clothing. Don't wear thermals and a turtle neck to a hot sunny day at Ashnoor, likewise, don't bring shorts and a singlet to a brisk night at Age of Markoth. Wear closed-toed comfortable shoes with tread.

That's it! You need your ID to borrow your equipment, and you will need a card or cash to buy a drink and a sausage once you work up an appetite, but apart from that, you're all set!

For those attending Battlecry - Age of Markoth, Please fill out and bring the Player Registration Form with you to your first event! 

For those attending Battlecry - Fields of Ashnoor, Please Fill out and bring the Player Registration Form with you to your first event!



See you there!