Our Values

Battlecry has focused incredibly hard to developing key areas of both our community, and our game itself, to ensure longevity and positive experiences. Below are our Core Values, and the backbone of our organisation.


Respect makes the world go around. It’s the highest value on our list for that very reason. Whether it be respect for someone’s differing beliefs, respect for someone’s privacy, speaking to someone in a way that makes them feel accepted, or allowing someone to execute you after a hard fought battle. Respect for your fellow community members is the glue that keeps this group together.


Safety is something we rate above all other in-game values. Everyone’s safety is Everyone’s priority. If you see something unsafe, it is your responsibility to bring it up with the appropriate person. When decisions on how the game will be developed and run are made; fun, immersion and ‘cool’ factor come second best to safety.


Battlecry is a family. Grown from a core group of less than 10, this game has developed thanks to the bonds shared by those who attend, each bringing their unique traits and features to add to the fabric of this group. Your inclusion is on the basis that you will honour and respect this family as you would your own. Develop friendships and trust those around you to put your best interests at heart. This is a safe space for you to feel belonging. People who do not have any intention of reflecting these values, are simply not welcome.


Each member of the community has a requirement to be truthful in all circumstances, keep things above board, answer all questions to those in positions of authority truthfully, and to act in a manner that reflects honesty and truthfulness. Honesty is valued above few others, regardless of fallout. Just like in the fables, you can judge a person’s character by their reputation. This community will never be large enough to escape a reputation as a liar and cheater. Don’t build one. If you run out of HP (or are not sure if you did) Take the death, and make it an epic one.