Battlecry Moves to Rooty Hill!

It's been a hell of a journey to this moment. We didn't think we'd ever write these words. But, with covid swinging for the fences, and the cost of operating in the east, the choice had to be made. Save the club and move, or go down with the ship.


We had some pretty difficult decisions to make, and none of them without a cost. Weighing up the benefits and the drawbacks showed us that the only reason we were really staying at Arncliffe was for the players out east, and because it's where we started. Eventually, that stops being enough. Tradition is the death of innovation and evolution.

So here we are! We have moved. It will be a bit rocky to start with and we have a lot of focus on. We have a fresh faced team of eager LARPers, keen to give you the best experience we possibly can. The only thing we are missing... is you!

Games will stay at our regular timeslot. Kicking off pre-game training at 7pm on-the-dot, then game launch at 7:30pm. Wrapping up at 10, we will have a bit more time to be social and hang out post-game. The social half-time BBQ will still be a thing, as will the 3-game layout of the evening. The only change will be the welcome addition of toilets, changerooms, and some facilities that allow us to be far more comfortable.

The team at Battlecry have ensured our time over COVID was spent improving the thing so many of you love, and honing it into something you will be proud to come back to. When you step out onto that field for the first time since we closed, we want you to look at the group surrounding you, and thinking "Damn!, it's great to be back!".

Thank you for each and every person who pitched in for this to happen, those who support us in each and every way you do. We look forward to finishing off 2021 in Battlecry style!


Until we see you! Stay safe!

Your Team

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