Trusted Merchants & Vendors

For all of our participants, buying things online can be fraught with danger, both in having your money taken as well as buying something not suitable, not the right quality or not what you wanted. We take the guess work out of it, by giving you not only a list of trusted online/local merchants, but also ones we don’t recommend.
NOTE: We will ALWAYS recommend local traders/merchants & Crafters over importers & overseas manufacturers in an effort to stimulate and support growth of local-made gear, but also because a lot of the time you can handle/try on the gear before you part with your hard-earned.
The other thing to remember is that when buying gear, there is a core lesson to remember.

Good Aesthetics - Good Price - Durable - Short Wait Time

You get to pick 2, 3 if you are VERY lucky.

Weapon Makers/Vendors

Arthur Street Objects - Based in the Inner west of Sydney, Australia, Arthur street makes some of the best looking PVC LARP bows on the market. They also offer prop services, as well as leather detailing which is out of this world.
Great Aesthetics, Durable, but every work of art takes time to make - being hand made, they can also cost a lot more than off-the-shelf alternatives.
PVC Bows from Arthur Street are one of a kind.
Calimacil is a weapon maker based in Canada. They make a range of strong, durable weapons. Some of the weapons are thrust safe, but require approval before being fielded. Recently they have also started focusing on the aesthetics. These weapons, however, will set you back quite a bit. Calimacil can be purchased locally to New South Wales through Adventurer's Bastion.
Eldritch is a company who have been making LARP weapons since 1983 out of the UK. They make excellent looking, high quality weaponry. However durability, price and weight time vary depending on the product.
Epic Armoury is a large scale equipment manufacturer based in Europe. Their weaponry is aesthetically pleasing, is cost effective, but sometimes lacks some durability (depending on the weapon). Epic armoury can be purchased locally to New South Wales through reseller Green Dragon Games.
Mytholon manufacture their own range of weapons, as well as distribute for other brands. Their Mytholon branded weaponry is cheap, light, and a great entry level weapon, but lacks some durability. Mytholon can be purchased locally to New South Wales through Adventurer's Bastion.
Nemesis Ateliers is a weapons manufacturer based in Europe that sells hand-made and often custom weapons. These weapons are on the pricey end, but looks great, and last a while, as long as you look after them.
Softkor Forge is a weapons manufacturer based in Birmingham, UK. These guys are boutique, specialised weapons makers. They build Hand made, one of a kind EVA weaponry, with good durability and a nice finish. The prices are good, but the time to wait on manufacture is often a long turnaround. This seller can be purchased exclusively through Adventurer's Bastion.

Other Reputable Vendors & Merchants

Burgschnider - Sell soft kit, costume pieces, accessories and footwear. A large company based in Germany.


Cosventure - Based in Bathurst, Cosventure imports and sells a variety of Epic armoury, Calimacil and Mytholon products. 


Firebear armoury - Do excellent maille products and jewellery, based here in NSW, Australia.


Of Science & Swords - Based in Melbourne, this company stocks a majority of the main LARP manufacturers. 


Sword, Magic & Dragons - A webstore based in Canberra. Selling a variety of imported accessories, armoury and equipment including jewellery.


Vendors & Merchants to Be Careful With

Medieval Collectables - A Large distributor based in the US. They sell many of the large manufacturers, but also sell cheap imitation brands that are not suitable, always double check if unsure on the brand of an item.


Global Gear - Based in Victoria, this site sells many cheap, movie replica items, and also sells LARP weaponry. Be aware that Battlecry does not allow direct/distinct replicas of movie weapons in our game. We are a copyright IP FREE LARP. Also be careful which generation of Global Gear you purchase. Anything other than Gen 3 or later, will be declined due to safety grounds.


Wyvern Craft - Based in Poland, Wyvern make realistic looking weapons with minimal flex/whip and dense foam. These weapons are often found unsuitable for our style of game, due to the lack of mandatory safety gear required to participate. For now, this brand requires a case by case approval basis, so we caution against purchasing something without it being approved.



This list is current as of 15/11/2021



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