Battlecry Community Day - Tournament Information


“So, it’s settled! There will be a tournament!” exclaimed Salvor Braveblade, clasping his hands together and looking at the agreement being signed on the table before him. Many nations had pledged their support for a tournament of epic proportions, something to occupy the masses in this time of war and hatred.

“What’s the point of a tournament if it’s just to determine the best of the Royalists?” came a voice over the excited chatter around the tournament’s details. The chatter dulled to a murmur as people cleared a path for Sir Felix, wandering in toward Champion Salvor.

Salvor raised a brow at the implication. “Explain yourself. For I do not understand – you wish to invite Imperials to join this gathering?”

“Why not see who is the best in Markoth, nae, existence!” Let us truly have a spectacle to appease the masses”. Immediately the room broke out into giggles and laughter.

“He’s delusional!”

“He’s lost it!”

“Camdoria has lost it mind! The prince would never!”

“Be silent, ladies and gentlemen of the court!” a voice came swift, like a guillotine silences an unruly crowd. Lord-Proven Caldo of Drazin stepped up next to Sir Felix. He grinned at the knight before looking at the rather confused champion.

“Let us put out a magical invitation. To anyone who wishes to test their mettle, and to fight for their good name. Let us give them a chance to fight on the grandest stage Markoth has to offer. Let us invite the Imperials, and anyone else who may answer the call. Then, when all is said and done. We will have a true champion.”

The room filled with hushed whispers and concerned faces as the champion looked at the ground, and then up toward Magus Ursala of the Magic Academy. “Madam Magus, is this… invitation something you can conjure?”

The Magus nodded “It is. I am unsure who would potentially receive this message, but I am aware of communication spells that the academy holds. I will look into it”

“So, in your words, Champion Salvor. Yes, there will be a tournament!” Lord-Proven Caldo shook Salvor’s hand, signing his name on the line and sealing his crest on the document in support of the inaugural C.O.A.T. – Champion of Arms Tournament, to be held in Cardicordia.



Yes, you heard it correctly, there will be a tournament at the community day! This is your chance as warriors to test your skills against other members of our community and battle it out to become a champion.  If you wish to go head to head with your friends in a fun and thematic way, please read and fill out the form here. This event is open to all BC chapters.

Click this link to fill out the form

If you just wish to attend the event to hang out with your friends in your cool kits, or better, hang out to make new friends, just click going on the event. Only individuals who want to compete need to fill out the form 😊

This event will also be roleplay light, so if you wish to interact with others as your characters, feel free to do so, however there are no obligations to do so if you don’t feel up to it. Just comes as your beautiful and lovely selves.

Keen to see you all there!!

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