Battlecry goes to Supanova

Battlecry was able to secure a slot at Supanova 2021! This is a spectacular opportunity, putting LARP on the public stage yet again! In typical Battlecry style, we did things full strength; partnering up with local LARP store Adventurer's Bastion to deliver a fully immersive shopping experience, a leatherwork costume repair station and a live combat arena for people to participate in!
We had a Friday night bump in team organised, who helped set up, then hopped in the cars and drive to the Friday battlegame! Sadly, the game was not to be, and was cancelled due to rain immediately prior to round 2 starting. 
Deflated, and soggy, our team trudged to Supanova Saturday morning to a reception we simply weren't prepared for! We were INUNDATED. Our arena could only hold 10 people safely, and was at capacity from 10am (open) until finally emptying around 5pm (shortly before close). We had over 300 people enter our arena to fight, and Adventurer's Bastion sold almost everything they had in stock, including stuff that wasn't even for sale! 
Our players had a blast, and the public loved it. We just hope some of those people turn up for a game ;) 
Giulio and Zac found some excellent glasses to finish of their characters! 
Lysa and Tadd with their custom made outfits!

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