Age Of Markoth


Currently operating out of Rooty Hill, Battlecry Age of Markoth operates weekly battle-games every Friday night on Harry Dennison Park Oval. Below is the core information about Age of Markoth, as well as some helpful links for people wanting to know more about what happens at the chapter.


The Venue, Time & Dates

Age of Markoth operates every Friday night (barring major event clashes) from 6:00pm until 10:00pm on Harry Dennison oval, on Napier Street in Rooty Hill. The field is hired for the event, with stadium lighting, a clubhouse with toilets and changeroom, and parking both on and off-street.  

Typical Event Schedule

Below is a rundown schedule of the typical event:
6:00pm – Sign in Opens
6:30pm – New Player Training Begins
6:45pm – Returning playing warm up/ weapons training begins
7:10pm – Game #1 Briefing
7:15pm – Game #1 Starts
7:40pm – Break Start
7:55pm – Game #2 Briefing
8:00pm – Game #2 Starts
8:30pm – Break Start
8:50pm – Game #3 Briefing
9:00pm – Game #3 Starts
9:30pm – END


Events are typically announced, altered or cancelled via Facebook announcement on our page.

New Player Information

New players to Markoth do not need any costume, weapons, equipment or knowledge of the game in order to attend. You can simply turn up and join in. 

When you arrive at the field, you will need to complete the signup process, then you will be given a weapon - and taken through an orientation process, in which we train you on the rules, the basics of how the game functions, and how to use the weapon you were given. 

After training, you'll typically have three rounds of exciting combat - with a sausage sizzle break at half time! It's lots of fun, you'll love it.

If you need more information, or have any questions, you can contact the Markoth team Here.


Battlecry Age of Markoth takes place in the plain of Markoth. The world is a medium fantasy pre-gunpowder fantasy setting. Players represent members of one of the two factions warring for superiority and survival in Markoth. The weekly battlegames determine military outcomes of the storyline from week to week, with consequences of victory and defeat rolling over into the game world. You can read more about the world in the wiki, which is updated regularly.

 Read more about the wiki, Here.