Club President

Committee Position


The President is responsible for the following:

  • Reporting on performance (player attendance, trends etc)
  • Long term planning
  • Community direction
  • Liaising with the Treasurer to develop a budget
  • Setting annual goals
  • Review of annual goals
  • Review finances
  • Organise and lead quarterly meetings
  • Create, review, and update policies
  • Communicate and maintain good relationships with other chapters
  • Managing the committee team

This role is best suited to individuals who have experience with managing teams, can communicate effectively and transparently, able to work professionally with integrity, are highly organised, and are able to maintain a high degree of impartiality. Previous experience with business management, or willingness to learn, will be beneficial.

If you have questions or require more info on this role, please email:


If you wish to apply, please click the following link to be taken to a google form in order to apply.