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What is LARP?

Battlecry is a LARP - L.A.R.P. stands for Lives Action Role Play, and is best described as the activity centered around taking on a role, character or person in a specific setting. At Battlecry, this entails creating a character and entering the world, choosing a side, and fighting for victory as a single soldier in the vast conflict engulfing your life. The armour is real! The weapons are not.

Battlecry Knights in Action

What happens in a typical game?

Sides typically are preset (Social games and special events excluded) and involve two or more sides competing for objectives on a battlefield laid out with both terrain, and sometimes NPC's (Non-Player Characters). These battles change every event, and could involve one side attempting to gain control of an enemy fortification, only to have their supply lines damaged in a sabotage counter-attack. The players are truly the ones in control!

Don't worry! This madness is totally under control with our team of dedicated, trained officials. These officials manage the overall gameplay, whilst also keeping player safety, weapon discipline and equipment management in check. They ensure the game flows properly and is played fairly!

Once you turn up, sign in- and register if you are new, you are handed a sword and shown how to use it by one of our new player sergeants. Once trained and prepared, you are then thrown into the thick of it! With swords, shields and hilarious chaos all around you. The rounds will typically last anywhere from 20-30 minutes, and will involve a single or multiple objectives, followed by a short break. There is even a half time BBQ sausage sizzle at some chapters!

Battlecry Knight Slain

So, why do it?

Great question! Battlecry is- for many that participate, their end of week wind down. For some, it's their regular cardio and exercise. Others, it's the chance to socialize with like-minded people who enjoy what they do, and for those select few (actually, almost everyone) it's a chance to realise the awesome feeling of being able to slay your friends, finish them off whilst laughing maniacally and then share a sausage, a drink and a laugh afterward.

Battlecry has something for everyone, if you haven't been yet, why not?!

Battlecry combat