Political Freeform Events
Political Freeform Events
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Political Freeform Events

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The moment many of you have been waiting for is here.

The political summits are upon us!

For those of you who don’t know anything about the summits, or have yet to play one, below is a rundown on how the event works and what it’s place in the game actually is.
The political summits are two events which take place at the end of a Battlecry story chapter. These events are held on the same weekend, and cater to each of the main Superfactions of Markoth. There is one for the Tarvalan Empire, and one for the Royalist Alliance. The event itself is entirely combat free, and instead revolves around political/strategic interactions. The heads of each nation within the Superfactions come together to pitch and debate agendas and strategies for their side, their nation, and themselves.

How it works

The game works by every person attending (maxed out at 30 people per event) being given a character sheet, of which their nation, their personal backstory, and their existing relations in the room are laid out. They are also given resources to barter with. These include things like political influence – representing your political clout and the name of your people behind an agenda to get it over the line, or Troop capacity, which represents raw troops on the ground.

After a short introduction, and each player collecting their resources from the chamberlain, the game begins. The world map laid out in the centre of the room indicates current battles, front lines, or sieges. The room must then work together (or alone) to try and decide where to commit forces, how many, and who will lead the conflicts.

How it fits

Once the games are over, and the data is in, the GM’s then find out exactly where the armies are to be marched and which city will be besieged. This then plays out entirely in the Weekly battlegames! That’s right, YOU decide the location, and outcome of every Friday night battle!


Do I need anything in order to join in?

Not at all! Just like Friday night games, everything will be provided for you. All you need to do is bring your enthusiasm and be prepared to have a good time!

Do I need to have experience or have done acting before?

No, in fact, the less you’ve done, the better. This game is very much new player friendly, and it something which will help you ease into characters without thinking about it too much.

How do I go about getting involved?

All you have to do is reserve yourself a spot at the event you wish to attend. 


Dates: Saturday 21st of October - 12pm - 6pm


Dates: Sunday 22nd of October - 12pm - 6pm