Battlecry Community Day!

Ladies, Gentlemen, those who identify as neither!


We are incredibly proud to announce the inaugural Battlecry Community Day!

This annual event will embody everything Battlecry has grown to achieve. We will  recognise those who contribute the most to the community, celebrate and foster the best features of our game (you!), and offer the participants an opportunity to share in a glorious celebration of what this game means to them!

When, and Where?

The Community day event will be held at Rouse Hill Regional Park, on Saturday 25th of June, 2022. Maps, and greater details of layout and facilities will be added into this post at a later date, once vendors, displays and arenas are set out. 


Info on the event cant be found here!


What will be at this event?


This event will host immersive trader stalls, offering a wide range of products from weapons to costumes.

The Champion of Arms Tournament

Test your mettle in our inaugural Battlecry Shield Tournament! We will be offering participants the chance to compete in an officiated tournament - featuring multiple categories. Below is the information you need to know:

1v1 Single hand and shield combat. Shields and swords will be provided to keep balance. Reset on successful, clean strike. 18AP of armour required. 5HP each. Best of 3 Rounds.

1v1 Two handed combat. Swords will be provided to keep balance. Reset on successful, clean strike. 18AP of armour required. 5HP each. Best of 3 Rounds.

Archery Skill event. Archers supply own bows, IDV round head arrows only. Targets set up at various distances.

  • Target shoot – 10m. Strike the target with 5 arrows, to score highest total points.
  • Open range. Strike all targets on the range from the line with 5 arrows, each target struck delivers points based on difficulty.

Top 6 go into face-off – They must shoot 10 arrows to strike a target, scoring as many points as possible. Bonus points for quickest two participants.

Band Gun/Rifle Skill Event.

  • Target shoot - Strike and eliminate the targets with 10 shots, to score points. Top 6 go into head-to-head event (alternating shots to eliminate targets)

Important Note

In order to enter the Melee combat events, entrants must be participating members of a Battlecry chapter, and be marked as proficient with the weapons they are using.

Each entrant must also supply a heraldic shield or choose from a pre-selected pool to represent them (shields will be painted on blanks and used to keep track at the tournament).



We will work to continue to add features and exciting things to this event, however, we also want to ensure that everything goes smoothly for our first event.

We can't wait to see you! It's going to be epic!


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